Nowe oferty współpracy z branży IT - lipiec 2018

Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z nowymi ofertami opublikowanymi w bazie Enterprise Europe Network

  1. UK SME specialising in quintessential British products seeks digital marketing consultants for services agreements

    Skrót: An experienced South West UK ecommerce retailer of traditional, vintage and heritage British merchandise wishes to grow internationally and seeks experienced digital marketing consultants to act under a services agreement to build the brand and sales in Europe, the USA, China and South East Asia.

    Całe zapytanie: BRUK20180620001.pdf
  2. Bulgarian company is looking for smart home appliances to distribute on the Bulgarian market

    Skrót: A Bulgarian company specializing in installation and support of smart home wireless and wired appliances and devices is looking for new suppliers of Z-wave devices and controller boards. The main focus of the company are smart scales and mirrors as well as smart security devices. The company is looking for distribution agreements.

    Całe zapytanie: BRBG20180709001.pdf
  3. A multi-user programming platform for GPS system coding

    Skrót: One of the largest manufacturers of telemetry equipment in Baltic States is looking for a technology to help support their products development. This technology will be used to enhance company software production allowing products to have wider spectrum of features as well as more efficient production process. Company is looking for a commercial agreement with tech support as this would be an integral part of already established process. Alternative forms of partnership could not be discussed.

    Całe zapytanie: TRLT20180518001.pdf
  4. Singapore digital communication service provider seeks European suppliers of radio and wireless solutions and services via commercial agency agreement

    Skrót: This Singapore company specializes in distribution and integrating wireless and radio systems and providing support services for the public safety, mining, renewable energy, transportation, marine, onshore and offshore oil and gas industries. This company wants to widen its product and service portfolio and is seeking European suppliers or manufacturers that are offering radio and wireless solutions or products through a commercial agency agreement

    Całe zapytanie: BRSG20180217001.pdf
  5. UK company is looking to integrate its solid-state battery with Internet of Things applications

    Skrót: A UK company has developed a patented solid-state battery technology that uses ceramic ion conductor instead of conventional electrolytes. It has distinct benefits over lithium-ion batteries in number of areas, incl. energy efficiency, faster charge and longer life-span. The company is looking for energy harvesting and sensor companies who have Internet of Things technology to integrate with their new batteries. Commercial agreement with technical assistance or license agreement can be offered.

    Całe zapytanie: TOUK20180601002.pdf
  6. A Bulgarian company is looking for manufacturers or distributors of hospitality TV management systems to sign a distribution agreement.

    Skrót: A Bulgarian company specialized in design, installation and maintenance of smart buildings as well as sales of smart devices is looking for a manufacturer or distributor of hospitality TV management systems to offer their products on the Bulgarian and neighbouring markets.

    Całe zapytanie: BRBG20180606001.pdf
  7. A Korean company is looking for R&D partners to develop Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor networked smart product.

    Skrót: A Korean SME, a leading company in distribution industry of system integration and solution merged with information technology (IT) seeks partners for Eurostars2. The SME is concentrating on IoT and sensor networked smart products. R&D institutes, universities, or companies that have expertise in IoT are sought to improve the techniques applicable on IT industry. Therefore, the technology and products would be more innovative through this project under research cooperation agreement.

    Całe zapytanie: RDKR20180302001.pdf


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