Nowe oferty współpracy z branży IT

Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z nowymi ofertami opublikowanymi w bazie Enterprise Europe Network

  1. UK company seeks partners who posses or are interested in researching advanced image processing technology for crime sector

    The UK company have developed an image processing platform that helps law enforcement agencies with victim identification investigations in online child exploitation cases.  The company are seeking partners who have advanced image processing technology or internet investigation technology. Types of partnership considered are joint venture, technical and research cooperation agreements.

    Całe zapytanie: truk20180122001.pdf
  2. Audiovisual company is seeking for a technical partner with expertise in software development for robotic cameras

    German-Spanish SME with extensive expertise in the audiovisual market is looking for a technical partner in order to collaborate in the development of a new product for the production of audiovisual events using robotic cameras. The type of agreement sought is technical cooperation.

    Całe zapytanie: tres20180417001.pdf

  3. Applications for connecting with the internet of things.

    Dutch telecom company with a Long Range Lo Power (LoRa) and Long Term Evolution (4G), category M1 (LTE-M) network is interested in supporting new internet of things applications with the use of LoRa and LTE-M technology. The company is looking for Open Innovation cooperation in offering solutions consumers to connect to their nearest and dearest, like their pets, or their favorite assets. Cooperation based on a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

    Całe zapytanie: trnl20180308001.pdf

  4. Leading Dutch insurance provider is looking for innovative SME’s who have solutions to proactively lower the risk that entrepreneurs face from a cyber-threat

    A leading Dutch company in financial products and services wants to contribute proactively to the growth of their clients ‘the entrepreneurs’. Cybercrime is a real threat which could affect the growth and their business continuity. They are looking for innovative SME’s who have solutions to make sure that the entrepreneurs don't need to worry about cyber threats and can focus on their core business. The cooperation would be in the frame of a license agreement or a technical cooperation agreement

    Całe zapytanie: trnl20180403001.pdf

  5. A UK based start-up is seeking a technology partner to develop further the machine learning algorithms of its product.

    The company is a UK start up, based in London. It provides automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) power decision supporting solutions for the construction industry.  The company is currently at the minimum viable product (MVP) stage and is seeking a technology partner to develop further the machine learning algorithms of the product. The envisaged cooperation will be under a service agreement.

    Całe zapytanie: truk20180215001.pdf

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