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  1. UK-based technology company seeking a hardware security module manufacturer

    Skrót: A London- based company is developing an innovative technology to secure the cyber space using quantum based encryption keys. It has a range of applications including military defence, industrial internet of things and better connected transportation system for smart cities. The company has both software and hardware development capabilities, and they are seeking to sign a manufacturing agreement with a manufacturing partner capable of producing hardware security modules. 

    Całe zapytanie: BRUK20180213002
  2. A Greek company is looking for a company from abroad to supply or co-develop an electronic sensor for waste bin fullness monitoring

    Skrót: A Greek SME company, established in 2009 and activated in the environmental sector, seeks for technological support (Technical cooperation agreement) to obtain an electronic sensor for monitoring the level of waste into a bin. The Greek company is looking for a technological company to supply or commonly develop an electronic system of sensors for the monitoring of the fullness, temperature and position of waste bins.

    Całe zapytanie: TRGR20180220001
  3. Smart electronics German company seeks to acquire a software company or create a software engineering start-up or a joint venture

    Skrót: A German company is specialising in smart electronic products for automotive/motor and utility vehicle electronics, OEM development/production/contract manufacture as well as test systems for power semiconductors. In order to cope with the growing customer requirements, it is looking for the acquisition of a software company or a cooperation partner to create a software engineering start-up or a joint venture in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland or Ukraine.

    Całe zapytanie: BRDE20180220001
  4. Alternative to GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is sought for online tracking application

    Skrót: A Spanish (Catalan) company comercializing an innovative solution for running races management seeks a solution to decrease its GSM costs and make their product more competitive. Their timing technology currently relies on GSM and they are looking for decreasing the costs using a reliable technology to provide their customers a more competitive tool. They are looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a technical agreement with a company able to provide a more accurate tool.

    Całe zapytanie: TRES20180131001

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