Modern optical materials and devices


West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin

ul. 26 Kwietnia 10
71-126 Szczecin

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The Laboratory of Photonic Devices (LPD) is a part of a larger research facility, the Laboratory of Teleinformatic Technologies and Photonics within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. It is a facility where specialists pursue research on modern optical materials and devices. LPD’s research activities are mainly focused on applications of non-linear optical phenomena for fully optical signal processing, which include:

  • examination of semiconductor structures on quantum wells (slab and strip waveguides, holographic structures, detectors and others),

  • non-linear phenomena in photorefractive materials,

  • spatial and temporal solitons.

LPD has a modern equipment, including:

  • a tunable titanium-sapphire MIRA HP oscillator (Coherent) generating femto- and picosecond pulses, coupled with a parametric MIRA OPO oscillator, which makes it possible to obtain a wide spectrum (500-1600 nm) with an option of pulse management with a pulse picker,

  • a titanium-sapphire MBR 110 laser (Coherent), with continuous-wave mode, tuned within 700-1000 nm wavelength range, generating light with a linewidth below 5 MHz,

  • two antivibration optical tables with an active vibration damping system.


Offered expertise

Optical characterization and properties of semi-insulating semiconductors such as proton implanted gallium arsenide or based on gallium arsenide quantum well structures. Characterization of optical propagation in a slab and strip waveguides. Generation and interactions of spatial solitons.