Farm economics


West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin

ul. Klemensa Janickiego 31
71-270 Szczecin

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The Department of Management conducts comprehensive research in two key areas:

  1. Farm economics, with a particular emphasis on:

  • the impact of changes in external factors (i.e. changes in agricultural policy) on the output and economic situation (mainly with respect to dairy farms),
  • comparisons of farm strategies (i.e. changes in crop rotation, increase in land resources, farm expansion or reduction, change in the production profile, etc.),
  • analysis of cost-effectiveness of agricultural production in different farm types,
  • changes in farm risk level and risk management methods,
  • analysis of farm efficiency and productivity in the region, country and at international level.


  1. Business entities, to the extent of:

  • efficiency analysis of DEA method,
  • application of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) to the management sciences,
  • innovation management at regional level as well as in scientific and commercial entities,
  • strategic management in enterprises (especially SMEs).


The Department of Management has experience as a contractor in research under the Framework Programmes.


Offered expertise

  • Estimating production costs and cost-effectiveness of agricultural production including: generation of calculation models and calculation of cattle breeding plant and farm costs, with a particular reference to costs of milk production.
  • Evaluation of the impact of changes in the factors in the external environment and internal of farms to economic performance (creating scenarios of changes in agricultural policy and the strategy of households).
  • The risk assessment income of farms and the efficiency of the use of risk management tools in agriculture.
  • Measuring productivity and effectiveness of management of business organization and administrative units in cross-panel data section at the municipality, state and international level.
  • Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)-based research on inter-organizational relations.
  • Strategic analyses of organizations and regions, including development of general, marketing or innovation strategies,
  • Assessment of commercialization potential for product innovations,
  • Assessment of management systems-oriented innovation activities.