Construction and analysis of machine tools, technologies and organization of industrial operations


West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin

al. Piastów 19
70-313 Szczecin

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Researcchers at the Institute of Manufacturing Engineering (IME) specialise in the construction and analysis of machines tools, machining technology and organization and scheduling of industrial operations. The major research areas include:

  • Dynamics of machine tools and cutting process;

  • Control algorithms for machine tool drives;

  • Modelling static and dynamic properties of machine tools;

  • Vision methods for evaluation of the machined surface quality and positioning applications;

  • Micromilling process;

  • Industrial operations scheduling

  • Diagnostics and monitoring of the cutting process;

  • Modal analysis uncertainty;

  • Active vibration control methods;

The IME researchers have experience in modelling of the mass-spring-damping system of machine tools, experimental methods applied to machine tool performance evaluation, construction of machine tools, and active vibration control. The IME infrastructure includes LMS modal analysis system (software and hardware), Polytec laser vibrometer, vibration sensors, Kistler dynamometers, machine tools (e.g. 5-axis CNC milling center, CNC lathes), micromilling machine, CCD cameras, dSpace control card, FEM software, Labview system.


The expertise offered includes:

  • Modelling machine tool structure

  • Vibration testing

  • Design of machine tools

  • Active vibration control

  • Development of scheduling algorithms

  • Development of machine vision systems

  • Micromilling